How to Find the Perfect Wedding Cake

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Cake on wetakethecake.com

Our tips for choosing your wedding cake.

As is the case with many aspects of the wedding planning process, choosing a wedding cake is more of a decision-making process than you might think. Have you done any research on wedding cakes yet? The more educated you are, the better (and hopefully, easier) your decisions will be. We’ve highlighted a few tips to help you work your way through the wedding cake decision-making process.

The wedding cake selection process begins with choosing the right baker

Some bakers can be highly specialized in a certain style or approach while others offer a wider variety of options. It’s best to get all the information from potential bakers up front before you book an appointment. Some may only make fondant cakes while others offer both fondant and buttercream frosting options. There are even bakers who don’t do “rustic” or “modern” looks.

To get a sense of which baker best fits with your vision, search through their social media posts to get a better idea of their work and the types of cake they specialize in, what they’ve done in the past, and what they seem to excel at. All the same, don’t be fooled by the photos. Seek out online testimonials and reviews as well to get the full picture before you contact them to schedule a meeting.

Getting inspiration for your wedding cake design

Don’t think too much about the style or type of wedding cake you want until you’ve made decisions on your dress style, the reception décor, the venue, and the flowers. These elements will serve as the foundation on which you build the design and vision for your wedding cake.

Choose a wedding cake that fits the style of your venue, the season, the flowers, and even the menu. To get a better idea of what will fit, create a mood board with images of cakes you love, your wedding color palette, and any other elements that you can give your baker to help with the brainstorming process.

The cake serves as another puzzle piece in the overall design of your wedding, so make sure it fits in rather than stands out. If you want specific color accents, give your baker fabric swatches to ensure everything is consistent.

Though some wedding venues will include the cost of the wedding cake into their wedding package, it is usually limited to buttercream and fondant designs. Should you want a more elaborate design, you will likely need to pay for an upgrade.

The size of your guest list will impact your wedding cake’s design

Be sure to factor in how much cake you’ll need when going through the cake design process, as it will have an impact on the look of your cake. The general rule of thumb is that three tiers can serve between 50 and 100 guests while five layers will serve 200 guests or more. And if you want to preserve the top layer of the wedding cake, you’ll need to add some padding to that.

If your wedding cake is included in the cost of your venue, they’ll usually cover the cost that matches the number of confirmed guests. If you want a 3-tiered cake that serves 100, but your guest count is closer to 60, you’ll have to pay for the additional cost out of pocket.

Make the most of cake tasting

Your research for choosing a wedding cake isn’t complete without cake tasting. Cake tasting will give you all the answers to which cake flavors, frosting, and design elements will taste as good as it looks.

Your first decision will be whether you want to go with buttercream or fondant frosting. Buttercream is often tastier, but if you’re looking to incorporate a lot of design into your wedding cake fondant might be more effective.

Whatever you’re thinking in terms of design, guests will care more about what’s on the inside. When meeting with your baker, taste as many samples as you can to get a full scope of what your flavor options are. You might also want to choose a flavor based on the season, with heavier combinations like red velvet cake and cheesecake fillings for winter weddings and lighter vanilla cakes with fruits or preserves for a summer soiree.

It’s important to keep in mind that wedding cake tastings are not usually free. While prices vary, We Take The Cake charges $25 for a cake tasting for two people, mainly to ensure that appointments are kept since the cake samples are prepared and time slot reserved especially for you. Our tasting includes bite-sized cake samples of our fan favorites: lemon, red velvet, chocolate, golden butter, and coconut or strawberry. If you want to taste additional flavors or feedback from other family members, we encourage guests to purchase our cupcakes to take home, as the batters and frosting are the same as our cakes.

A designated wedding cake consultant will walk you through the entire process and ensure your dream wedding has the perfect cake to match. This includes the consultant helping to determine the right design, flavor, and overall presentation of the cake. Check out some of our made-from-scratch custom wedding cakes from years past or call 954-764-2253 to make an appointment today!

Please note, in order to preserve the quality and design of these custom wedding cakes, we can only offer them for South Florida-based weddings.


There Are Many Different Types of Frosting. Which One Do I Choose?

Buttercream, whipped cream, fondant: how to know which one best fits your cake.

Buttercream, cream cheese, fondant: how to know which one best fits your cake.

There are a ton of decisions that go into making a cake – the flavor, the filling, the toppings – and most importantly: the frosting. Cake frosting not only aids in a cake’s appearance, but it’s also the first thing you taste when enjoying a slice of a cake.

Whether you’re a baker or a buyer, it’s beneficial to know the cake frosting options that are out there when deciding what cake you want to make (or eat) next. We’ve highlighted the most popular cake icing types to help you get started.

The basics: buttercream frosting

Buttercream is the most popular frosting largely because of its few ingredients and easy application. Classic buttercream requires beating butter into icing sugar until you reach a frosting consistency. It’s not possible to over beat this type of frosting, so the longer you beat fluffier it gets.

Buttercream is not as flexible as fondant, though it can be used for the same applications. Buttercream frosting is the most popular frosting for cupcakes, though it’s important to note that not all buttercream is made the same.

If you want to decorate a cake with buttercream flowers, for example, it’s best to cut your butter quantity in half and replace it with solid vegetable shortening, so the frosting is firm enough to hold the shape of the flower.

Meanwhile, if you ever see very white colored buttercream cake icing, that usually means that butter wasn’t used at all. To make the white buttercream frosting, you will need to use a mix of powdered sugar and vanilla blended with straight shortening to hold it together.

Butter gives the frosting a yellow hue, while straight shortening may leave a greasy film in your mouth. Depending on how you want to use your buttercream, what you want it to taste like, and what you want it to look like the different variations of making buttercream are endless.

Intermediate: cream cheese frosting

Cream cheese frosting comes in a range of consistencies – from thick to thin – and is often used as both a filling and an icing. This frosting is made from whisking butter, cream cheese, sugar, and flavoring, and should be refrigerated as soon as you’re done the cake icing.

An American-style buttercream, cream cheese frosting is most commonly found on desserts like our 6″ layered carrot cake or red velvet cakes. At We Take The cake, we like to use vanilla and chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Intermediate: cooked frostings

Cooked frosting – also known as seven-minute frosting – is made from egg whites, sugar, and flavorings on top of a double boiler while beating with a mixer. As the mixture heats, a meringue will form. Because of this heating process, the frosting is extremely delicate and should be eaten the first day or risk the frosting being absorbed into the cake.

Cooked frostings are sometimes used on desserts like our 4 layer red velvet cake or other cupcakes.

Expert baker: fondant

There are two main types of fondant: rolled and pourable. Rolled fondant is the most widely used when it comes to cake decorating. Made of sugar, water, gelatin, and food-grade glycerine, this dough-like texture makes it easy for a baker to mold the fondant into shapes to add some décor to your cake. Fondant can be used for decorations or to cover the entire cake.

Poured fondant, which has a glossy finish and is, unsurprisingly, of pourable consistency. This consistency makes it easy to coat a cake or cupcake.

Expert baker: royal icing

Royal icing is one of the best icings for decorating cakes. Mixing together powdered sugar, egg whites, and meringue powder or liquid provides a consistency relative to pancake batter. This makes it easy to pour into pastry bags to fulfill your decorating dreams.

Royal icing sets almost instantly so that the design holds, but so can your mistakes. The way royal cake icing hardens is especially useful for making flowers.

Leaving the decisions up to the professionals

The frosting types listed are just the tip of the icing. There are also ganache, glazes, syrups, and paste to consider topping your cake with, like our beautiful Cookies & Cream Layer Cake! It’s easy to get overwhelmed but taking it one step at a time will ensure you can create a cake you are proud of.

In the case that you’d prefer to eat your cake and not make it too, we are here to help! At We Take The Cake, we take pride in creating a beautifully packaged, frosted, and crafted cakes in all shapes and sizes. We go the extra mile to make sure we exceed your expectations by delivering an experience, not just a cake. Shop our products or contact us today to learn how we can help you with your next event!


The Best Graduation Gift: 6 Gift Ideas Your Grad Is Sure to Enjoy

The Best Graduation Gift: 6 Gift Ideas Your Grad Is Sure to Enjoy on wetakethecake.com

Personalized gift ideas can make your graduate’s special day even sweeter.

April showers bring May flowers – and with them come blossoming graduates. Whether they’re completing high school or college, both types are anxiously greeting adulthood. It’s a time of reflection, a time of exploration, and a time of celebration!

If you have a friend, family, or loved one graduating in the class of 2018, help them welcome adulthood with a personal and thoughtful graduation gift. But with so many options to choose from, how do you determine the best one for the graduate in your life? Start by thinking about what they appreciate most. Do they care about how much you spend? Do they like gifts with a personal touch? Is there anything they desperately need? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll then need to determine how much you plan to spend. Continue reading below and find the perfect grad gift idea for your graduate.

Nothing will be used quicker than cash

It might not be unique, but it will certainly be useful. With adulthood comes responsibility, especially the financial kind. Whether your grad is headed off to college or just getting started in their career, they’re going to need money for gas, rent, textbooks, and lots of pizza (especially the college kids).

It’s impossible for a graduate not to appreciate your donation to their future. But if you don’t feel comfortable gifting a check, consider getting a gift card instead. Amazon provides a gift card box shaped like a graduation cap to give it the full effect.

New grads need to be upgraded tech

We can’t live with it and certainly can’t live without it being updated. Nothing puts a smile on a young adult’s face quite like a brand-new piece of technology. Your graduate’s computer, cell phone, and headphones could always use an upgrade, and all three would make appreciated gifts to help them enter adulthood fully equipped.

They’ve worked hard, now they need some entertainment

With the stress of school over (or, almost over) give the graduate in your life a gift of more personal nature – one that will help them relax while treating themselves to a good time. Spa days, tickets to see their favorite artist or tickets to their favorite sporting event are all unique ideas that will help your graduate continue the celebration.

A nice watch

We’re not sure how, but watches have been known to be directly associated with adulthood. There are many different watch options for men and women that can accommodate any budget. The tricky thing about a watch is you don’t know if you like it until you try it on. In this case, your grad gift idea might be a shopping trip with your graduate to pick out the perfect watch!

Some light reading on what’s to come

Adjusting to college life can be intimidating. Adjusting to life after college is even more intimidating. Your graduate might feel insecure, unprepared, and even a little lost. Depending on how much you know about where their concerns lie, books on financial management, success, or figuring out the big world out there can all provide some value to the fresh grad. They might not appreciate it when they get it, but they will by the time they finish reading it.

Graduation can taste sweeter with a cake

No accomplishment ever feels as good as it tastes. When in doubt, there’s no better grad gift idea for your new graduate to celebrate their success than with a delicious cake. When you gift a cake, you aren’t just gifting a dessert. You’re providing a moment of celebration, joy, and togetherness.

At We Take The Cake, we make it easy to delight your friends with a mouth-watering treat made from scratch just like grandma made it, but with an elegant presentation that looks as good as it tastes. We go the extra mile to make sure we deliver an experience that makes you proud that you chose us to create the gift your grad will be talking about long after the celebration is over.

Explore our cakes to decide which of our flavors might be the perfect fit for your grad, and if you don’t see it, contact us and let us tell you if we can make it happen!


How Do They Do That: Three Elements to Crafting Multidimensional Theme Cakes

How Do They Do That: Three Elements to Crafting Multidimensional Theme Cakes on wetakethecake.com

Kick your next cake up a notch with dimension and thematic appeal.

So, you’ve gazed at those beautiful multidimensional theme cakes. You’ve even tasted them. And now, you want to bake one too but have no idea where to start. Well, allow us to give you some cake baking tips! Once you discover the basics of how to make a layered cake and incorporate a theme, you’re well on your way to mesmerizing your party guests.


The first step to any special occasion cake is to consider three basic elements: the cake, the frosting, and the decorations.

“But wait,” you say. “That sounds like any ol’ cake.” Yes, it does, at first. But playing with those three elements will create the cake of your dreams.

Baking the cake layers

Let’s suppose you want to make a two-layer cake. Instead of the traditional equal-sized layers, let’s make the top layer smaller. Not sure how? Well, if you use a smaller baking pan for that top layer, problem solved. But if you don’t happen to have that, try this:

  • Set your baking pan on top of a sheet of wax paper.
  • Trace around the bottom of the pan with a pen, marking the circle on the wax paper.
  • Now, place a small saucepan right in the middle of that wax paper circle.
  • Draw another circle on the wax paper, using the saucepan as a guide.
  • Cut out that smaller circle.

And now you have a pattern to work with.

Go ahead and bake your two layers in equal-sized pans. Once the cakes cool completely, place the wax-paper circle pattern on top of one layer, and use that to cut out a smaller cake.

See how easy that is? Having two layers of different sizes gives your special occasion cake dimension. But we’re just getting started. Let’s move on to the frosting!

Frosting the layers

The way you frost a cake will fashion even more dimension. You’ll want to start with these frosting basics. Start with frosting the bottom layer, then set the smaller cake on top and frost that as well. Once both cakes are completely frosted, you can add texture.

One of the simplest and most elegant ways to texturize is to add lines – the trick is in the piping bag. Or you can create a fluffier-looking cake by gently placing the bottom of a teaspoon or tablespoon on top of the frosting, then give a little twist and lift to make a tiny peak. Do this over the cake’s entire surface. In fact, you can make all kinds of textured designs just with a spoon.


Once the cake is frosted, you’re ready to decorate. Decorating creates even more fantastic dimensional results because you have so many options to choose from! The first rule of cake decorating: Have fun! Yes, you need to know how, but having fun with your cake project is essential.

The biggest question at this point: What’s your theme? Is your cake for a Fourth of July cookout? A big family reunion? A loved one’s birthday? A graduation? A promotion? Or is it a little something special “just because”? Even with the “just because” cake, you can craft a perfectly thematic and multidimensional masterpiece that will make your event memorable.

Let’s say your theme is simply summertime. Let your imagination run wild with images that conjure up that season. Most likely, flowers are part of that mix, so let’s add some to that frosted cake you made. Although you could create beautiful buds, petals, and leaves via piping, consider making chocolate or fondant floral cake decorations – or opt for real honest-to-goodness edible flowers instead.

Think that cake is finished? Well, you very well could stop at this point, but if you want to add even more dimension to that summertime cake, you might add little sugar or fabric butterflies and birds to set near the flowers. Just don’t overdo it. Remember that less is more, even with this type of cake.

Hopefully, you now see how easy it is to make a multidimensional special occasion cake. Just focus on each step – the cake, the frosting, and the decorations – one step at a time, and you’ll not only have that jaw-dropping creation you imagined, but you’ll also have fun in the process too!

At We Take The Cake, we know you don’t always have time to create a delicious masterpiece. That’s why we have so many gourmet cake options to fit your busy lifestyle. A cake is a perfect way to show a loved one that you’re thinking of them.