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  • Image of gluten free red velvet cake with border of white chocolate shavings around the top and bottom, sitting on a white cake stand with a slice of layered cake on a plate in front.
  • Image of gluten free red velvet cake with border of white chocolate shavings around the top and bottom, sitting on a white cake stand with a tan vase in the background.
  • Gluten-Free Red Velvet Layer Cake
  • Gluten-Free Red Velvet Layer Cake

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Layer Cake



Product Description

Who says you need gluten to make this southern classic? We use all the traditional ingredients such as buttermilk, vinegar, and imported Dutch cocoa powder to bring you an authentic gluten-free red velvet cake experience! Four moist layers of cake are filled and frosted with rich cream cheese frosting. A sprinkling of white chocolate shavings around the top and base of the cake finish this delicious treat.

Serves 8-12
Diameter: 6 inches
Height: approx. 4 inches

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*ALLERGY INFORMATION: This cake contains milk, eggs, and soy. Also contains FD&C Red 3, Red 40, and Yellow 6 food coloring. This cake was produced in a facility that processes almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, and coconut. Our facility is not Gluten Free and therefore our cakes are not recommended for those who have Celiac or severe gluten allergies.


All cakes are placed in our custom cake box for a beautiful presentation. For shipping, layer cakes are specially packaged with dry ice in an insulated cooler and shipped via FedEx.  Allow cake to reach room temperature before enjoying, which may take two hours. Wrap any remaining cake with plastic and refrigerate. Refrigerated cake will remain fresh for one week after arrival. You may also freeze wrapped leftover cake for 3 months. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Don’t waste your money

I was so looking forward to this cake. One of the foods I have missed since having to go gluten free is red velvet cake. It finally came today, and I can’t tell you how excited I was. My first bite, oh I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. If you like the taste of paper, you might like this cake. Do NOT waste your hard earned money on this tasteless cake. Even the cream cheese frosting has little taste. How does this cake get good reviews?!?

Paige Donaldson
Burned layers

The frosting covered burned cake was lovely on the eyes, not so much on the tastebuds…
Ordered via Goldbelly, their response:
We are unable to issue resolutions due to taste complaints. We Take the Cake ships thousands of their Gluten-Free Red Velvet 4-Layer Cake out weekly and we never hear of complaints like this.
Apparently, I’m a liar?

Kim Robinson
Highly Recommended!

I sent this cake to my daughter on her birthday. She thought it was absolutely hint of being gluten free. I will certainly order again!

Rebecca Kohler
Perfect in every way!

I have ordered this cake for my daughter's birthday 2 years in a row. She receives it at college and it is now our new tradition for her birthday away from home. It's delicious, well packaged, and beautiful! Perfect!!!

Shockingly Surprised! Gluten-Free Red Velvet is definitely a WINNER!

I have a niece with a severe gluten intolerance which led me to searching online for cake options. I stumbled upon this site via a Google search and found this site.

At the time of ordering, gluten-free red velvet and gluten-free coconut cakes were my only options. I'm hoping at some point, the options will be expanded because our experience with the gluten-free red velvet layer cake was AMAZING!

It's hard to adjust to a gluten-free existence after eating gluten your whole life. But in order to support my niece, I've tried to adjust my personal choices pertaining to food options in order to show my support for her. It helps to better understand how to support her and understand better what she has to experience.

This red velvet layer cake was a huge success! The family loved it, my niece was excited to have a cake she could indulge in, and the taste was exceptional! Now that we've had such a successful experience with this company and with this particular cake, I definitely want more options to select from.

Another thing to mention is that I ordered this cake on May 31, 2020 for her birthday on June 4th. This cake was delivered to my home via FedEx on June 3rd. What amazed me even more that in addition to the excellent taste of the cake, was the fact that this cake made the trip from Florida all the way to Hawaii intact, securely packed and insulated, with very clear instructions on handling. This was a great overall experience and we will definitely look to using company again for future needs!

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