How to Keep Your Workforce at Their Best

engaged employees

Employee engagement is frighteningly low: here’s what you can do about it.

A recent Gallup report revealed only 31.5% of U.S. employees felt engaged with their job. Sounds bad right? It gets worse – a Harvard Business Review study that included interviews with “12 best-practice company leaders” cited employee engagement as one of the three most important factors in their company’s success.

So, what’s a company gotta do to inspire a little spring in the steps of its workforce?

4 tips for keeping your staff engaged and happy

Check out these ideas on how to keep employees engaged and inspire a deeper investment from your staff – and show them you care!

1. Recognition. Awards and company wide attention not only add incentive, they establish and reinforce how each employee fits in with the goals of the entire company. How you choose to celebrate really depends on the atmosphere of your company – the idea is to have fun so the happiness and motivation spreads.

2. Set them up to succeed. Gumption is a key ingredient in engagement – when your staff doesn’t have the proper tools, or policies bog down their performance, frustration rises, resentment boils, and care atrophies. Savvy managers make sure their staff has everything they need to do their work properly – and just as importantly, they’re not shy about asking for suggestions.

3. Identify your goals. A recent Leadership IQ study revealed that setting motivational goals increases fulfillment by 75%. So, what’s a “motivational goal”? Think of them as being long-term goals with built-in motivational factors, such as breaking a sales record, or finishing a landmark project. Clear communication of your company ambitions, and how each teammate fits into those plans, expands outlook beyond individual roles – that can help a person understand how they’re contributing, so they know how important their job is.

4. Demonstrate your faith. Have you ever had someone constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure you were doing it right? No matter how humble you might be, after a while, being micro-managed can make you feel incompetent even when dealing with your expertise, which can evolve into something rather miserable: burning, itching resentment! You hired your staff for their competence, so, let them do their jobs! 

How to celebrate your crew

Yes, you worked hard to get where you are. Even if you’ve built your business from the ground up, you certainly didn’t do it completely alone. Your employees are what keep your company not just functioning, but thriving, so keeping employees motivated is essential. So don’t assume they know you’re grateful. Invest in their satisfaction with these employee engagement tips and they’ll surely return the favor a thousand times over.