How Do They Do That? Cool Icing Techniques for Cupcakes

How Do They Do That? Cool Icing Techniques for Cupcakes on wetakethecake.com

Four easy ways to frost the perfect cupcake.

It should come as no surprise that our team at We Take The Cake loves making cupcakes. We enjoy every step of the process; from deciding on the mix of flavors, choosing the decorations, frosting them, and – of course – tasting them! Over our 20+ years in business, we’ve received dozens of questions on cupcake making, particularly the different ways to frost cupcakes. For our DIYers out there, we’ve put together a few cupcake frosting techniques and tips to help you on your way to that perfect treat. Continue reading below to learn how to frost a cupcake like a pro!

A perfectly frosted cupcake requires the right equipment

There are many tools out there for different cupcakes frosting techniques. You’ll need pastry bags with different sized tips, which is ultimately the most important tool you’ll choose, as it has the greatest effect on how your frosting comes out.

The rose tip is ideal for, you guessed it, the rosette frosting technique. The ruffle tip is preferred for ribbons, bows, and ruffles while the plain tip is best for outlining details or dots.

Your basic pastry bag options will be: disposable, canvas, polyurethane, and plastic coated. Disposable pastry bags may split if you’re using thick icing and canvas can sometimes be difficult to grip, so if you plan on making cupcakes often, you might want to consider trying them all out to see which you like best.

The rosette technique

The rosette technique is what you would expect it to be – decorating the top of your cupcake with a nice shaped rose made of frosting. To do this, apply slight pressure to your pastry bag and make a soft dollop in the center. Continuing to apply pressure, gradually move the tip out from the center and circle around the center dollop.

Pipe one layer, or circle, around the dollop at the time, all the while making sure the tip remains at a 90-degree angle and that your layers are not going on top of one another. Think of writing a cursive O shape with each layer. Once you run out of space on the top of your cupcake, you’re done!

Cupcake frosting filling

This one is a fan favorite and not as difficult as you might think. Insert the tip through the top of the cupcake about one-inch deep. Insert one or two tablespoons of filling into the cupcake, no more than a few pumps of pressure. Unlike the Rosette technique, you’ll start frosting the top of the cupcake from the outer edge and pipe continuous circles until you’ve covered both the hole and the top of the cupcake.

Fluffy cupcake frosting

The fluffy cupcake look is the most commonly seen. You can do-it-yourself by starting at the center of the cupcake and applying pressure to the pastry bag. Be sure the tip is held straight down. As you move, apply more pressure and gradually raise the tip ever so slightly.

Allow the frosting to spill out and fill in with the applied pressure without moving the tip. When you’re done, release pressure and lift the tip straight up.

Ruffle frosting

You may want to verify that the piping tips you have worked well to accomplish the ruffle technique. Usually, the package will specify “ruffle” on it. Add buttercream to your pastry bag with the proper tip and start from the outer edges around the cupcake, working towards the center. The quicker you can pipe around the cupcake, the more textured your ruffles will become.

For more ruffles, make squiggle marks slightly from side to side as you pipe. A few layers of buttercream are ideal. Too many layers might cause the frosting to be unstable and hard to package.

If you’re anti-DIY…

We Take The Cake has all the cupcake frosting tips perfected and covered to take care of everything for you. If cupcake frosting is not for you, or if you’re looking to outsource the task to save time, let us help you sweeten your next holiday, event, or gift.

To us, cake and cupcakes aren’t just desserts. They’re a symbol of celebration, happiness, friends, and family. Contact us today to learn more.