Our Favorite Cakes for Summer

Our Favorite Cakes for Summer on wetakethecake.com

Make way for the stellar flavors of key lime, strawberry, raspberry, and coconut. These are the exquisite and unique flavors that embody summer. Each offers to shed an incomparable ray of light on our taste buds.

If there were any reason to love the summer solstice more than any other day, it would be because it’s the longest day of the year, rewarding us with one precious extra second.

How you spend the gift of an extra whole second is, of course, entirely your choice. However, may we suggest that you consider experiencing it with other celestial celebrities? Sol, it’s your day – but we say, make way for the stellar summer cake flavors of key lime, strawberry, raspberry, and coconut! These are the exquisite and unique flavors that embody summer. Each offers to shed an incomparable ray of light on our taste buds.

Famous and oversized

No one will argue that our already big Famous Key Lime Bundt Cake has again increased its size.

We make key limes the star by adding their juice to our batter, brushing it on the freshly baked cake, and adding it to the cream cheese frosting glaze. Its commanding presence demands the custom cake box.

This may very well be our best seller, although the oversize Bundt cake did get a gravity assist in popularity after Oprah Winfrey chose it as one of her “Favorite Things.”

Strawberry fields forever

Sweet and fresh strawberry slices, commingling with cream cheese frosting between four layers of moist strawberry-infused cake. What a song those berries might sing were they not hypnotized by the presence of a halo of white chocolate curls atop the frosting.

John Lennon selected “Strawberry Fields Forever” as his highest achievement as a member of the Beatles. Time has passed, but we don’t think it was a coincidence. He was preparing the world for our Fresh Strawberry Layer Cake.

Très bien!

Before it was a Swedish menswear brand founded in 2006, très bien was claimed by the French as a way to describe something very good, exactly like our Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake. Four layers of moist, lemon-infused cake filled with lemon cheese frosting – and the pièce de résistance – raspberry preserves.

But, Pourquoi Why are we masquerading behind this mashup of France and raspberries – and what has it to do with cake? Well, this summer cake truly is decadent. When we say it can serve up to 10 people, we’re not kidding. As for our friend the raspberry, it’s considered to be the most intensely flavored member of the berry family. It would also seem that the raspberry was named after a 16th-century French wine called raspis. Très bien.

Would you order it if we called it drupe cake?

Who was the first to contemplate what was hidden at the center of the coconut? Did he – or she – even dare to dream it could be the stuff of magic? Coconut is at the center of our Coconut Layer Cake, but it possesses a restless magic – so there’s also coconut cream filling, and then, even more, coconut flakes that dance across the vanilla cream cheese frosting.

We’ll never know who first shared the coconut’s secret. This inquisitive individual will remain a mystery. But we can thank them for presenting us with another mystery. Is it a nut, a seed, or a fruit? The sultry, summery coconut does not care to be confined to a singular identity. It’s all three!

Coconuts are classified by botanists as a drupe – which is a fruit with a hard or stony covering enclosing a seed. It turns out that this heavenly white substance actually has much in common with the olive. Indeed, the botanical term drupe comes from the Latin drupa, meaning overripe olive.

This drupe we call the coconut is known throughout the Pacific as the “Tree of Life” because it can produce the drink, fiber, food, fuel, utensils, musical instruments, and yes, cake!

Which flavor will linger on your lips as the sun takes its time to arc across the summer sky? If you have any questions about these delicious summer cake flavors or any of our others, please feel free to contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you about our decadent summertime cakes!