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Our award-winning cakes have been winning rave reviews from customers and the media alike. Oprah loved our Key Lime Bundt Cake so much that she named it one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2004! And in 2018, Oprah chose 9 of our bundt cakes for her Favorite Things 2018 list. Quite the popular bakery, We Take The Cake has appeared on three different Food Network Shows (Challenge, Road Tasted and Unwrapped) and has since been featured in the following:

“Let Them Eat…This Thing”—O Magazine February 2020

Our Bouquet Mini Cakes were featured in ‘O’ The Magazine

The February 2020 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, noted, “Giant cupcakes? Miniature regular cakes? All we know is, these delicious bouquets in chocolate and golden butter are made from scratch, baked in green tulip paper, and hand-piped, and we want ’em—we want ’em bad.”

Favorite Things 2018

Oprah chose 9 of our bundt cakes for her Favorite Things 2018 List

In the December 2018 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah said, “I like having options—particularly when those options are already-baked red velvet or Key lime or triple-chocolate or ginger spice or lemon or coconut or sour cream coffee cake Bundt cakes.”

Chocolate Layer Cake

Our Prize-Winning Chocolate cake was chosen as the Best Mail Order Cake by InStyle Magazine.

I took chocolate cake and loved it, Lori’s recipe is decadent and not too sugary; just my style! Perfectly boxed and crated, the cake arrived in time for my 36th wedding anniversary. Thank you Lori it was thoroughly chocolicious and I was thrilled that for once I did not have to make my own cake. Kerry Vincent—Hall of Fame sugar artist and Food Network judge

I have never tasted a cake this good in my life!
Jessica Orton

To be frank, I’m not the biggest chocolate cake fan, but I bought one for my cousin’s birthday. I figured she loved chocolate so she would enjoy it. She FLIPPED over it. Then I tasted it and all I could say is WOW. This was by far the best chocolate cake I ever tasted.

Because I am not a huge chocolate cake fan (nor are some other family members) I also bought a red velvet cake and OMG!! It was amazing. This place is great (awesome staff too)!

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Key Lime Cake

It is so divine..made from scratch with real key lime…OH YUM…every bite is worth it. Oprah Oprah’s Favorite Things 2004

There is no getting enough of the taste of Key lime, and this time around Jamie and Bobby roll up on We Take the Cake for a Bundt cake with Key lime frosting that leaves the brothers begging for more. Food Network Road Tasted and Unwrapped

Here’s a true cure for a winter cabin fever: the Florida Key Lime Bundt Cake from We Take the Cake is a moist treat full of bright and luscious lime flavor. Country Accents

I read the reviews before ordering and thought, okay, take a chance!! WOW!! Moist doesn’t even begin to describe this cake, I could taste the key lime from top to bottom. The moisture would pool at the bottom of the serving tray. Needless to say, I’m back to order more .

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Pink Rose Cake

I am so so proud of this..look at how gorgeous this is…get your mom edible flowers!
Tory Johnson with GMA Deals and Steals – Today Show

Holiday Cakes delivers scrumptious custom cakes for the holidays and every special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas cake for your party, birthday cakes, or even a cake for a baby shower, has what you’re looking for.

Celebrity Cafe

Red Velvet Layer Cake

As someone who has baked his share of amazing cakes I was not sure if I wanted to purchase a red velvet cake or not (it’s one that I make very well with a terrific cream cheese icing).

I bought one of these to appease the non-chocolate fans in the family for my cousin’s birthday.

I can say without a doubt this cake is pure perfection. It looks impressive and amazing. It tastes even better. I woke up this morning with a smile knowing there was some leftover sitting in my fridge (it won’t be there much longer)!

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Fresh Strawberry Layer Cake

We are in food heaven, and We Take the Cake took us there with a single bite of their strawberry cake. It features layers of impossibly moist cake, alternating with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries, and topped with white chocolate curls. Palm Beach Illustrated

I don’t ask for much, just this cake for my birthday and I am a happy camper. This is my favorite cake ever :).
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Triple Chocolate Chip Fudge

Calling all Chocoholics: For the delectable chocolate desserts, check out the 10 specialty bundt cakes available through We Take The Cake, one of the official cake decorators for the Coral Gables-based Biltmore Hotel, is home to the “Triple Chocolate Chip Fudge. Key Biscayne Magazine

Bundt baked with four kinds of chocolate including imported Dutch cocoa, semi-sweet dark chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips and topped with a chocolate fudge glaze.

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Coconut Bundt Cake

Coconut is my favorite cake, so I was a little skeptical. I absolutely loved this moist cake and the creamy lemon frosting. I will order again and share the enjoyment with others!!!

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Custom Cakes

Praise from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club

On behalf of Mr. Donald J. Trump, the entire management and staff, and the members of the Mar-a-Lago Club and Trump International Golf Club, we extend our thanks to you for the extraordinary service you have provided to us this past season. Your professionalism and enthusiasm, and that of all of your staff, are so very much appreciated. The top level of service that your provided to us was unrivaled, and even out most demanding members and guests were always pleased. We also cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts on our behalf and your constant graciousness with all of our last minute needs!

Praise from customer Ronald S.
Rarely are my expectations met! Rarely do my dreams come true! My expectations were exceeded & my dream came true! After watching many episodes of “Aces of Cake”, I had a vision for a cake for my wife’s retirement. But the cake that your team created far exceeded anything that I had seen on TV or could even imagined!

I was in awe when I picked up the cake & saw how you transformed my pencil sketch into a work of art. I was like an expectant father pacing the living room looking out the window in anticipation of Jane’s arrival. Her reaction was everything that I had hoped. She couldn’t believe it & still doesn’t. As it sits on the dining room table, it is like a magnet – we are constantly drawn to it to take another look in amazement.

No TV show baker/icer comes close to the work that was done in the creation of this cake. The milestone of Jane’s retirement will be forever tied to that amazing cake. For that we are extremely grateful.

P.S. We may never eat the cake knowing that it will take away your beautifully designed cake. But it can never take away our memories!

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