We Take The Cake + Wells Coffee Co. 

The Beginning of Something Great

At We Take The Cake, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality desserts to our patrons, while supporting local businesses and initiatives. So, when Fort Lauderdale-based Wells Coffee Company reached out to establish a partnership between us and their fresh-roasted artisan coffees, we were both honored and eager to get started! 

A Perfect Pair:

Coffee & Dessert

This partnership will allow all of our customers, both online and in-store, to get a taste of two Wells Coffee Co. specialty blends, No. 9 and Pedestrian. Craft-balanced and meticulously roasted, these blends are the perfect complement to any one of our tasty treats. Read more about the flavor profiles of these two coffees below!

Meet the Signature Blends

No. 9

Chocolatey and creamy with notes of dried fruit and citrus, this medium-roasted blend is an ode to 'Revolution 9' by the Beatles, one of Wells Coffee Company's favorite bands. No. 9 is crafted with specialty beans from Honduras, Colombia, and Ethiopia and tastes delicious alongside any of We Take The Cake's scratch-made cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or brownies. An Espresso, Drip, French Press or Cold Brew brewer is recommended for use with these beans. 

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For those who appreciate a bit more of a “roast” taste in their espresso, the Pedestrian blend is your new go-to! This medium dark roast features a syrupy, rich, and smooth flavor profile created from beans grown in South and Central America, East Africa, and Indonesia. We recommend pairing it with We Take The Cake's Prize Winning Chocolate layer cake, All of the Above Brownie Cheesecake layer cake, or Double Chocolate Chip cookies for a delectable dessert experience. An Espresso, Drip, French Press or Cold Brew brewer is also recommended for this drink. 

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