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Famous Key Lime Bundt Cake



Product Description

The Famous Key Lime Bundt Cake is a tangy and indulgent delight for all key lime lovers! Handcrafted with quality ingredients, this moist and tender cake is bursting with freshly squeezed key lime juice and a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. Topped with a luscious key lime glaze, it offers a zesty and refreshing taste that will leave you craving for more.

It's the perfect centerpiece for dinner parties or a delightful treat to enjoy all by yourself. Carefully packaged to preserve its freshness, this cake can be delivered straight to your doorstep, making it a wonderful gift for key lime enthusiasts no matter where they are.

This gourmet key lime cake is what made us famous! Ever since Oprah Winfrey chose it as one of her "Favorite Things," this mail-order bundt cake has been in high demand!

Serves up to 8 people 

Diameter: 7 inches 

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*ALLERGY INFORMATION: This cake contains milk, wheat, egg, and soy. This cake was produced in a facility that processes almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, and coconut.


To ice your cake, let the icing pouch come to room temperature.  You can accelerate thawing by placing unopened pouch in hot water for 5-6 minutes. Open pouch, drizzle on your cake, and serve. 


Your bundt cake will keep at room temperature for 5 days, refrigerated for 3 weeks, or frozen for up to 6 months. 

Learn more about how to care for your cake


All cakes are placed in our custom cake box for a beautiful presentation. Bundt Cakes DO NOT ship with dry ice, gel packs, or an insulated cooler. Our bundt cakes ship at ambient temperature and arrive ready to eat! They may feel warm or cool to the touch upon arrival, depending on transit temperatures and weather.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Christie Rodgers
Fantastic cake! Better customer service!

The day before Thanksgiving, I received an email saying our cake had been delivered. It was not at the house, so I sent an email letting the company know. About 30 minutes later, I received a call from We Take the Cake & the person told me the cake was in a box at the nextdoor neighbors house. We retrieved the cake & it was delicious! This is my 2nd time ordering from We Take the Cake, & it will probably become an annual tradition. Everything we have had has been amazing! I would give them 10 stars if that was an option.

Amazing as always!

This was a gift for my moms birthday. Key Lime is her favorite and she loves it.

Theris Touhy

excellent cake and quick efficient delivery
communication outstanding

Wow! Thanks for the amazing review. We appreciate the kudos on communication. We try to reach out to our customers in a timely fashion. Glad you enjoyed the cake too!

Jean Z
Wonderful Key Lime Cake

Received one of these as a gift during Covid and loved it! I recently ran across the company card while shifting through my desk and ordered one for my mother's birthday and she loved it! And shared it with us!

Lucky you, mom shared it! Our Key Lime bundt has been around since the beginning of We Take The Cake and is the most popular bundt cake since Oprah endorsed it. Key lime cake with key lime cream cheese frosting! A great dessert alternative to key lime pie.
Thanks for the review!

Holly James
Excellent Service and Always Reliable!

I’ve used the service many times. It is the BEST way to send a beautiful birthday wish to someone far away.

Hi Holly,
Thank you for letting us know how happy you are with our shipping service and the key lime bundt. Sending one of our delicious cakes is a great way to help someone celebrate their birthday!

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