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  • Image of four rows of assorted cookies on a white tray. From left to right: double chocolate, key lime, strawberry, peanut butter.
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Original Cookie Sampler



Product Description

We took the cake and made COOKIES!

Any way you stack them, our soft and cake-inspired gourmet cookie collection will please everyone in the crowd! Treat yourself to an assortment of 4 delicious flavors–Peanut Butter (voted 7 Best Mail-Order Cookies by Delish.com), Double Chocolate, Key Lime, and Strawberry.

Perfect for picnics, cookouts, get-togethers, lunch boxes, a late-night snack, or whenever you have that cookie urge. Cookies delivered to your door? Name a better surprise... we'll wait! 

Assorted (12) Cookies
(3) Double Chocolate
(3) Peanut Butter
(3) Key Lime
(3) Strawberry

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*ALLERGY INFORMATION: Cookies contain milkwheateggs, and peanuts. These cookies were produced in a facility that processes almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, peanuts, walnuts, and coconut.


All cookies are placed in our custom cake box for a beautiful presentation.  The cookies are shrink wrapped to ensure freshness.  Cookies DO NOT ship with dry ice, gel packs, or an insulated cooler. The cookies ship at ambient temperature and arrive ready to eat! They may feel warm or cool to the touch upon arrival, depending on transit temperatures and weather.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa Partridge

Too hard, pungent flavors. We ended up throwing them out

Great Gift Idea!

Ordered cookies as a “Thank you” gift and they were perfect!

Hi Joy,
We appreciate your review. The cookie concept came from duplicating our best seller layer cakes to cookies - Strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter and of course our famous Oprah key lime bundt!

Cookie Sampler

Delicious cake like cookies. The Key Lime ones were the best!

Thank you for your review. We created these cookies based on our most popular layer cake flavors- strawberry, key lime, chocolate and peanut butter. We're glad you liked them!


I wish I could give a better review on these cookies because all of the cakes and cupcakes we have had from WTTC have been the best. Unfortunately, we didn't feel this way about these cookies. I give them two stars because the consistency of them is good, a little bit of light crunch on the outside, soft in the middle (not under baked like a famous cookie chain, just nice and soft like they should be). However, you could have blindfolded me, fed me the chocolate cookie and I would not have been able to tell you that I was eating chocolate. It almost had a lemon flavor to it, not totally sure what the taste is but didn't taste like chocolate! The same with the strawberry cookie, it pretty much had no taste and definitely didn't taste strawberry. Maybe we just got a bad batch but based on what we got, I would not buy these again.

Stacy Floratos
The BEST❣️

My Favorite is the Keylime Cookie… OMG, so delicious 😋 However, they All were Excellent 💙🧡💜👍

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