How to Find the Perfect Wedding Cake

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Cake on wetakethecake.com

Our tips for choosing your wedding cake.

As is the case with many aspects of the wedding planning process, choosing a wedding cake is more of a decision-making process than you might think. Have you done any research on wedding cakes yet? The more educated you are, the better (and hopefully, easier) your decisions will be. We’ve highlighted a few tips to help you work your way through the wedding cake decision-making process.

The wedding cake selection process begins with choosing the right baker

Some bakers can be highly specialized in a certain style or approach while others offer a wider variety of options. It’s best to get all the information from potential bakers up front before you book an appointment. Some may only make fondant cakes while others offer both fondant and buttercream frosting options. There are even bakers who don’t do “rustic” or “modern” looks.

To get a sense of which baker best fits with your vision, search through their social media posts to get a better idea of their work and the types of cake they specialize in, what they’ve done in the past, and what they seem to excel at. All the same, don’t be fooled by the photos. Seek out online testimonials and reviews as well to get the full picture before you contact them to schedule a meeting.

Getting inspiration for your wedding cake design

Don’t think too much about the style or type of wedding cake you want until you’ve made decisions on your dress style, the reception décor, the venue, and the flowers. These elements will serve as the foundation on which you build the design and vision for your wedding cake.

Choose a wedding cake that fits the style of your venue, the season, the flowers, and even the menu. To get a better idea of what will fit, create a mood board with images of cakes you love, your wedding color palette, and any other elements that you can give your baker to help with the brainstorming process.

The cake serves as another puzzle piece in the overall design of your wedding, so make sure it fits in rather than stands out. If you want specific color accents, give your baker fabric swatches to ensure everything is consistent.

Though some wedding venues will include the cost of the wedding cake into their wedding package, it is usually limited to buttercream and fondant designs. Should you want a more elaborate design, you will likely need to pay for an upgrade.

The size of your guest list will impact your wedding cake’s design

Be sure to factor in how much cake you’ll need when going through the cake design process, as it will have an impact on the look of your cake. The general rule of thumb is that three tiers can serve between 50 and 100 guests while five layers will serve 200 guests or more. And if you want to preserve the top layer of the wedding cake, you’ll need to add some padding to that.

If your wedding cake is included in the cost of your venue, they’ll usually cover the cost that matches the number of confirmed guests. If you want a 3-tiered cake that serves 100, but your guest count is closer to 60, you’ll have to pay for the additional cost out of pocket.

Make the most of cake tasting

Your research for choosing a wedding cake isn’t complete without cake tasting. Cake tasting will give you all the answers to which cake flavors, frosting, and design elements will taste as good as it looks.

Your first decision will be whether you want to go with buttercream or fondant frosting. Buttercream is often tastier, but if you’re looking to incorporate a lot of design into your wedding cake fondant might be more effective.

Whatever you’re thinking in terms of design, guests will care more about what’s on the inside. When meeting with your baker, taste as many samples as you can to get a full scope of what your flavor options are. You might also want to choose a flavor based on the season, with heavier combinations like red velvet cake and cheesecake fillings for winter weddings and lighter vanilla cakes with fruits or preserves for a summer soiree.

It’s important to keep in mind that wedding cake tastings are not usually free. While prices vary, We Take The Cake charges $25 for a cake tasting for two people, mainly to ensure that appointments are kept since the cake samples are prepared and time slot reserved especially for you. Our tasting includes bite-sized cake samples of our fan favorites: lemon, red velvet, chocolate, golden butter, and coconut or strawberry. If you want to taste additional flavors or feedback from other family members, we encourage guests to purchase our cupcakes to take home, as the batters and frosting are the same as our cakes.

A designated wedding cake consultant will walk you through the entire process and ensure your dream wedding has the perfect cake to match. This includes the consultant helping to determine the right design, flavor, and overall presentation of the cake. Check out some of our made-from-scratch custom wedding cakes from years past or call 954-764-2253 to make an appointment today!

Please note, in order to preserve the quality and design of these custom wedding cakes, we can only offer them for South Florida-based weddings.