How to Pair Cake with the Right Wine

You’ll enjoy this sweet treat even more with the right type of wine

If you do a search for “wine and food pairings” online, you will get millions of search results. You’ll discover the best pairings for steak, seafood, and tons of other types of food. And while the wine with dinner is great, what about afterward? The best part of any meal is often the dessert that follows (especially if it’s cake), so it only makes sense to have a glass of wine with it. But which dessert wine pairings are best? The next time you plan on having some cake, these cake and wine pairings will let you enjoy it even more:

Red velvet cake and Pinot Noir

Sometimes the easiest way to pair any food with wine is to match the color, and this is especially easy with our 4 layer red velvet cake and a pinot noir. This wine is great for bringing out the undertones of chocolate in the cake and accenting them with its own berry and cherry flavors.

Cheesecake and white dessert wine

The best wine and food pairings complement each other, which is why cheesecake and a white dessert wine work so well together. Cheesecake typically has a high-fat content, and a white wine that’s a little more acidic – such as Sauternes – creates a very nice balance.

Lemon-flavored cakes and Prosecco

Whether it’s a lemon cake or just one that is lemon flavored, Prosecco is your best bet. This is because not only is it a light wine, its citrus flavors will bring out the tartness in the lemon. This will augment both the wine and the cake.

Vanilla cake and Riesling

To bring out the best flavors in a vanilla cake, you should look for a Riesling that says “off-dry” on the label. This means that it is a little bit sweet but won’t overpower the sweetness of the cake.

Chocolate devil’s food cake and red blends

Some red blends actually have hints of chocolate, which will be much more evident when paired with a rich devil’s food cake. Syrah, Cabernet, and Grenache are some of the best wines with chocolate cake.

Carrot cake and sherry

Sherry is an excellent choice when indulging in carrot cake. Because sherry is slightly sweet and has a dry finish, it will pair nicely with a carrot cake’s creamy components.

Strawberry shortcake and sparkling rosé

If there was ever an ideal cake and wine pairing, this may be it. Because rosé has such a nice, fruity flavor, it will do a wonderful job of intensifying the taste of the strawberries.

If you like wine and you like cake, but you’ve never put the two together before, now’s your chance. You can use some of the suggestions above for your next birthday party, event, or just an ordinary day, or create your own unique dessert wine pairing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your cake and wine pairings (and if you stumble upon something really great, let us know!). If you already have the perfect bottle of wine and you just need the cake to go with it, we can hook you up. Whether you want to pick it up or have us ship it to you, you can start your order here. For any questions, please get in touch. You can call us toll-free at 888-901-CAKE or just fill out our online contact form.

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