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What can We Take The Cake do for your company?

Marketing, Prospecting and Retaining your customers and clients is the key to your business’s success. How to keep your company at the top of their minds can be a challenge, but We Take The Cake has perfected unique corporate gifts for potential business, current clients, and employee appreciation.

Prospecting and Retaining Clients Through Corporate Gifting

Researchers believe gifts that tap into taste and smell create deeper impressions in the brain and can enhance memory and brand association. Sending corporate gifts throughout the year, not just during the holidays, avoids disappearing into a crowd of other corporate holiday gifts. Our corporate gift consultant can work with you one-on-one to create the best business gifts, unique corporate gifts, or even custom logo branded gifts to promote your business. By sending a We Take The Cake gift, you create a memorable experience that will help increase customer engagement, appreciation and loyalty.

Employee Appreciation Gifts and Retention

Recognizing an employee’s contribution to a team is a powerful incentive. With many company employees still dispersed, supporting your work-from-home team by sending them a sweet, thoughtful employee appreciation gift from We Take The Cake will help to boost morale and keep employees feeling connected. Show your appreciation for staff members by sending a We Take The Cake delicious bundt cake, layer cake or our beautiful bouquet cupcakes. The value of a thoughtful thank you company gift is immeasurable.

Create memorable corporate gifting experiences with the POWER OF CAKE!

3-Easy Steps! We Make It Simple For You!

  • Review our website to get acquainted with our products.
  • Reach out to our Corporate Gift Consultant at or Call us at (954) 764-2253 to set up a plan. Corporate customers can also complete the online Corporate Contact Form below.
  • Receive rave gift reviews and become the #1 company on the top of their minds!

Choose Your Corporate Gifting Experience

Send a Thank You with Mini Bundt Cakes

Want a unique way to say thank you to clients or employees? We can print the message on edible sugar paper and top our mini bundt cakes! Send us a short message or let us help you find a creative way to say thank you.

Featured: Corporate 8-Mini Assorted Bundt Cakes with edible sugar paper “Thank You” message.

Custom Logo Layer Cakes

We Take The Cake offers creative solutions to increase your brand awareness and leave a lasting impression. Send us a picture of your company logo and we can print it on edible sugar paper and add it to the cake for an impressive presentation.

Featured: Corporate Layer Cakes 6 inch 4 & 2-layer chocolate and golden butter vanilla layer cakes with edible sugar paper company logos.

Celebrate Milestones

Need to celebrate a milestone or special occasion at your company? Recognize accomplishments in a unique way with cake! We will help you select the perfect cake flavors to celebrate the unforgettable moments.

Featured Corporate Bundt Cakes – Triple Chocolate Fudge Bundt & Key Lime Bundt with celebration card.

Beautifully Packaged Corporate Gifts

All of our cakes arrive in our custom green and pink packaging. Your recipient will receive a gift already wrapped for a beautiful presentation. The green decorative paper will ensure every cake can be unwrapped with excitement.

Featured Packaging – Bundt Cake and Layer cake packaging example.

Corporate Branded Sheet Cakes

We Take The Cake corporate-branded sheet cakes are the perfect, customizable dessert to showcase at your next corporate event! Send us your best pictures or logos, and we'll print them on edible sugar paper to put on the cake for an impressive presentation.

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Our Cakes are Truly Special

Since 2002, We Take The Cake has created delightfully delicious cakes, cupcakes and bundt cakes. We have been featured in several national media outlets including “Oprah’s List of Favorite Things,” InStyle Magazine, “O” List, CNN Money, and Entrepreneur Magazine. The We Take The Cake team is trained for continuity, consistency, and attention to detail. Always baking our cakes from scratch with fresh ingredients, making our signature frostings each day and carefully hand decorating each cake results in a bakery treat that is both delicious and impressive.

Our talented cake artisans understand that presentation and packaging are just as important as the cake itself. Each cake is hand wrapped and carefully placed in our uniquely stylized Harlequin design, pink, green and black branded cake boxes. Lime green frill creates an exclusive gift presentation for every occasion. With many seasonal and popular daily options available, there’s a gift that will surely meet your needs. Our Corporate Gift Consultant will assist you through a seamless process, saving you time and effort from first inquiry to delivery.

Creativity, quality and pride form the foundation of We Take The Cake. Delivering the customer and employee experiences that you expect and deserve will help create a lasting, positive connection for your company. Your gift recipient will remember your thoughtfulness long after the last crumb is gone!

We have a wide range of homemade cakes and cupcakes including seasonal favorites and features of the month that can serve as the perfect corporate or employee appreciation gifts. One taste will bring you back again and again, and your customers and employees will look forward to their next gift. Want more information? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our Corporate Gift Consultant.

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