Corporate Cakes

Looking to get someone’s attention for your business? You could try an email, an advertisement, or a post card, But, we’ve got a better idea: Cake!

Yes. Cake. Every human being on the planet Earth loves cake. It’s simple science. And We Take The Cake offers a state-of-the-art, innovative marketing service to bring more attention to your business. It’s the Power of Cake.

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Oprah’s Favorite Things

Oprah named We Take The Cake's Key Lime Cake as 'One of Her Favorite Things'
You too can harness the awesome, glorious power of cake for your business! Just send one of We Take The Cake’s delicious, homemade cakes, like the famous Key Lime bundt cake, named one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things,” to your prospective clients. It’s guaranteed to get their attention.

Everyone at your prospective client’s office is gonna want a piece! Sharing the Power of Cake generates buzz, appreciation, and tons of attention for your business. You’ll stand out! Prospective clients will feel obligated to meet you!

When you give the Power of Cake, clients will welcome you with open arms. And best of all, you can rest assured that your branding message will be read immediately by your client. I mean, c’mon, it’s a Cake! They’re gonna open that box right away! And who doesn’t want their business associated with a delicious, homemade gourmet cake?

Clients love cakes. You send cakes, therefore, Clients love you!

Make an Impression

  1. Client thank you gifts
  2. Prospecting
  3. Client loyalty and retention
  4. Client win back campaigns
  5. Corporate anniversaries
  6. Birthdays
  7. Product launch announcements
  8. Holiday
  9. Employee recognition
  10. Corporate events
  11. Welcome gifts
  12. Referrals


bareMinerals corporate anniversary cakes

bareMinerals designed “20th anniversary” artwork to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their foundation. We Take the Cake shipped a total of 213 corporate logo cakes with bareMinerals’ artwork to their retail locations. bareMinerals’ team members took pictures of the corporate logo cakes and shared on social media.


Swarovski corporate event cupcakes

We Take the Cake created frosting colors to match the colors of a South Florida Swarovski event. For national Swarovski events, We Take the Cake matches the cupcake flavor and frosting colors to coordinate with each Swarovski in-store event. We are able to package up to 100 mini corporate logo cupcakes per box.

“Everything was GREAT!!! Everyone got the minis and everyone raved about them! I am still waiting for more feedback from some store managers but I anticipate all great feedback. You are the most wonderful vendor to work with! We are so lucky to be working with you!”

J. Jill

j.Jill corporate logo cupcakes
We Take the Cake brands each mini corporate logo cupcake with J.Jill’s logo and ships the logo cupcakes to each of J.Jill’s grand openings for their retail locations as part of j. Jill’s grand opening celebrations.

efinancial careers corporate cake

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“I worked with We Take the Cake recently on a marketing campaign. Not only were the cakes delicious, but the packaging was beautiful – and the customer support was top-notch. Our campaign had many moving parts to it, so I was nervous about accuracy, but after a couple of conversations with the owner, I felt like I was in good hands. Their fulfillment team is great at quality control. I would definitely recommend We Take the Cake!
Stephanie Benson—Marketing Manager, eFinancialCareers

Experience Cake Power ℠.

Invest in the Power of Cake from We Take The Cake. Your clients will not only notice you, but remember you. It's a piece of cake! Corporations large and small use our scratch-baked branded and non-branded gourmet layer cakes, bundt cakes, logo cupcakes, mini logo cupcakes and branded cookie/brownie tins to deliver their message deliciously in a unique and memorable way.

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