Classic Dessert Collection

Local Pick-up in Fort Lauderdale

Our classic dessert collection contains something for everyone.

Available every day, our Layer Cakes, Cupcakes, and Bundt Cakes come in a variety of satisfying traditional flavors.  Always made with real ingredients – never from boxed cake mixes or pre-made frostings, you can pick-up your dessert Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm.  We recommend calling ahead to reserve a dessert during the holidays.

4-Layer Cakes

Our 4-layer cakes are 6 inches in diameter and approx. 4 inches high.
Each decadent cake easily serves 8-12 people.

  • Prize Winning Chocolate 4-layer cake $55.00
Our best-selling cake, the Prize-Winning Chocolate cake was chosen as the Best Mail Order Cake by InStyle Magazine! This moist and rich gourmet chocolate cake is filled and frosted with decadent chocolate cream cheese frosting, then finished with a rich chocolate ganache drip. A chocolate dream come true!
  • Golden Butter Vanilla 4-layer Cake $55.00
Four moist and dense layers of our Golden Butter vanilla cake are filled and frosted with our signature vanilla cream cheese frosting and finished with a white chocolate drip. There is nothing plain about this vanilla cake.  Truly a family favorite
  • Coconut 4-layer Cake $55.00

If you love coconut cream pie, you’ll love this cake even more!  Our coconut-flavored layer cake is baked with tender coconut flakes and filled with a coconut cream filling. We finish off by icing the cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting and covering it with more coconut flakes. One bite and you’ll be coco-nuts for this summery cake that will send you to a tropical paradise all year round!

*(Allergen Alert! Contains Coconut)

  • Carrot 4-layer cake $55.00

Moist and satisfying, our 4 layers of carrot cake are flecked with shredded carrots, crushed pineapple, and walnuts. What’s a carrot cake without cream cheese so…
we fill and frost this spectacular cake with our signature vanilla cream cheese and top it off with walnuts. Hand-crafted, with a home-made taste. We Take The Cake’s Carrot Cake is sure to become one of your favorite We Take The Cake desserts.

*(Allergen Alert! Contains Walnuts)

  • Lemon 4-Layer Cake $55.00
Lemon lovers! Our luscious lemon cake is delightfully fresh and bright, with just enough tang to complement the sweetness. Moist lemon cake is filled with velvety lemon cream cheese and a thin layer of sweet raspberry preserve. Frosted with cream cheese, and a drip of white chocolate ganache, this light sumptuous cake is the perfect anytime dessert. We finished it off the cake with sweet slices of lemon fruit candy.
  • Fresh Strawberry 4-Layer Cake $55.00
Our strawberry layer cake with cream cheese frosting is not Strawberry Shortcake–it’s WAY BETTER! Four layers of pink, strawberry-flavored cake are filled with our signature cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberry slices. We then ice the cake with more cream cheese frosting and swipes of strawberry preserves until topping it all off with a white chocolate drip and shavings. Perfect for springtime and summer but wonderful any time of the year–it’s no surprise that this cake is a top seller!
  • Brownie Cheesecake 4-Layer Cake $59.00
Sometimes it’s hard to decide just what you want for dessert. Cake, brownie, cheesecake – it can be a dilemma.  Now you can choose all of them in one incredibly tasty bite.  We start with our fudgy brownie as the base, add a creamy layer of cheesecake, a velvety layer of chocolate mousse and finally, our prize-winning chocolate cake.   We finish it with buttercream frosting and a drizzle of ganache. Four of our scrumptious desserts in one bite!
  • Peanut Butter Cup 4-Layer Cake $55.00
Better together – the classic taste sensation of chocolate and peanut butter. For the chocolate and peanut butter lover in your life, look no further. 4-layers of our extra rich chocolate cake are filled with a light velvety smooth peanut butter buttercream. Topped with decadent chocolate cream cheese swirls and a generous scattering of peanut butter cup candy, every layer is sheer perfection.
  • Pink Rose 4-Layer Cake $65.00
Make any occasion extra rosy with our Pink Rose Layer Cake! This decadent rose cake features four luscious layers of our rich, prize-winning chocolate cake, generously filled with chocolate cream cheese. We cover the cake with pale pink buttercream roses for an elegant finishing touch. Whether you need a stunning centerpiece for the table at your next gathering or a tasty gift for a loved one, this perfectly pink and floral cake is sure to wow the crowd!
  • White Rose 4-Layer Cake $65.00
An elegant and centerpiece for any intimate wedding, anniversary, engagement, bridal shower or a “just because” celebration.  Four rich layers of our classic, golden butter cake, filled with our signature vanilla cream cheese and fresh strawberries.  We covered the cake with white buttercream rosettes.  The perfect finishing touch for your festivities!  
  • Red Rose 4-Layer Cake $65.00

Chocolate and red roses together, all in one stunning and delicious dessert! Beautiful red buttercream rosettes are paired with four layers of moist chocolate cake and filled with our decadent signature chocolate cream cheese, making this the perfect cake to celebrate your festivities.  Surprise someone special with this beautiful treat, or make it the centerpiece of your own dessert table at your next gathering!

  • Celebration Chocolate 4-Layer Cake $55.00

Birthday celebrations call for cake! And if the birthday person is a chocolate lover, We Take The Cake’s Prize-Winning Chocolate cake takes the cake! A best-seller since 1997, this rich chocolate buttermilk cake is filled and frosted with our signature chocolate cream cheese and then hand-piped with bright buttercream details for a festive design. A “Happy Birthday” plaque and candles are included to complete this memorable celebration. Send or pick up one of these delicious desserts. It’s a slice of chocolate heaven!

  • Celebration Golden Butter Vanilla 4-Layer Cake $55.00

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” better than a classic vanilla buttercream layer cake. And nothing takes the cake better than We Take The Cake’s Golden Butter birthday cake! 4-layers of rich, moist golden butter cake are filled and frosted with creamy buttercream and then designed with hand-piped bright buttercream details. A “Happy Birthday” plaque and candles are included to complete the celebration. Pick up or send this dessert for a memorable birthday bash. It’s a slice of HAPPY!

  • Celebration Gluten Free Chocolate 4-Layer Cake $59.00

Celebrate gluten-free birthdays with our chocolate lover’s gluten-free cake! Moist gluten-free chocolate cake is filled and frosted with our signature chocolate cream cheese, then crowned with a bold and festive buttercream design. It will certainly take the cake at any gluten-free birthday celebration! A “Happy Birthday” plaque and candles are provided to complete the festivities. It’s a slice of HAPPY, gluten-free style! 

*(Made in a bakery that makes products containing gluten)

  • Celebration Gluten Free Golden Butter Vanilla 4-Layer Cake $59.00

For all the gluten-free birthdays out there, nothing says “Happy Birthday” like We Take The Cake’s classic gluten-free golden butter layer cake!   Rich golden butter gluten-free cake is filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream, then crowned with a bold and festive buttercream design. A “Happy Birthday” plaque and candles are included to complete the festivities! $59.00

*(Made in a bakery that makes products containing gluten)

  • Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake $59.00

Gluten-Free and Vegan!!!! You asked, we delivered.  Finally, you can bite into a scrumptious dense and decadent chocolate gluten-free vegan cake with smooth vegan chocolate icing inside and out. Sprinkled with colorful gluten-free Vegan sprinkles for an ALL-CELEBRATION scrumptious dessert.  We know you’re going to love our newest creation!

*(Made in a bakery that makes products containing gluten)


  • Bouquet Cupcakes 8-pack $59.00
Our stunning bouquet of cupcakes made the “O List”! These delicious mini cakes are dressed up in green tulip wraps and then adorned with beautiful pink, purple, and white buttercream flowers. Wow your guests by making them the centerpiece of the table at your next gathering, or surprise your loved ones with an elegant treat! What could be better than cupcakes shipped right to your door? Set of (8) includes (4) chocolate and (4) golden butter cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream.
  • Our Classic Cupcakes

come in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, lemon, key lime and strawberry. The are finished with a combination of cream cheese and buttercream frostings.

12-packs for $45.00
6-packs for $25.00

Bundt Cakes

Our bundt cakes are 7 inches in diameter and serve up to 8 people

  • Famous Key Lime Bundt $30.00

The Famous Key Lime Bundt Cake is a tangy and indulgent delight for all key lime lovers! Handcrafted with quality ingredients, this moist and tender cake is bursting with freshly squeezed key lime juice and a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. Topped with a luscious key lime glaze, it offers a zesty and refreshing taste that will leave you craving for more. It’s the perfect centerpiece for dinner parties or a delightful treat to enjoy all by yourself. Carefully packaged to preserve its freshness, this cake can be delivered straight to your doorstep, making it a wonderful gift for key lime enthusiasts no matter where they are.

This gourmet key lime cake is what made us famous! Ever since Oprah Winfrey chose it as one of her “Favorite Things,” this bundt cake has been in high demand!

Specialty, Seasonal, and Holiday Deserts

  • Father's Day Cake $65.00
Celebrate your Dad or the special person in your life on June 16th with an iconic polo shirt, that’s good enough to eat!We combined our two classically delicious flavors, prize-winning chocolate, and rich golden butter, and filled with layers of decadent chocolate cream cheese. The outside is frosted in bright blue buttercream and designed with a fondant collar, buttons and label inside the collar that says “Happy Father’s Day”. Made from scratch and hand crafted at our bakery. We ship nationwide or available for pick up at our Fort Lauderdale bakery.

Allergy Information

  • All of our non-gluten free and non-vegan desserts contain milk, wheat, eggs and soy.
  • Gluten Free desserts contain milk, egg and soy.
  • The bakery produces products in a facility that uses tree nuts and peanuts, and gluten products.

Four years in a row I have sent my son a birthday cake for him to celebrate while he is out of state at college. He loves this cake - and so does his friends. My son would love one of these cakes more often. Thank you to the team at We Take the Cake for delivering happiness and delicious cakes.

- Deborah