How to Cut a Layer Cake Like a Pro

Learning how to cut a Layer Cake is a piece of cake using these tips!

For years, we’ve been cutting cake slices into triangles. Although this tried-and-true method gets the job done, slicing the cake into rectangles creates a more uniform and cleaner presentation. Here’s how to cut a Layer Cake with efficiency and precision!

Supplies needed

  • Serrated knife that is long enough to cut through all the layers in one cut
  • Tall pitcher filled with warm water
  • Dish towels or paper towels to dry the knife and wipe off extra frosting after each slice


The cake

A chilled cake is easier to slice!

While we suggest serving our cakes at room temperature for optimal enjoyment, chilling them before slicing will ease the process. Once cut and plated, let the slices come to room temperature. If you need to serve the cake immediately after slicing, start with the cake at room temperature and follow the rest of the directions below.


FEATURED CAKE: Birthday Celebration Golden Butter Cake

The first slice

1. Using the warmed serrated knife, cut the cake down the middle. Make sure the cake cuts all the way through each layer using a sawing motion.


2. From one side of the cake, make a cut at a 90-degree angle from your first cut. This cut will be perpendicular to your first cut, which squares off the cake. Save the “heel” end slices for guests who love frosting and less cake!

Cutting the rest of the cake

1. After each slice, dip your knife in the warm water and wipe dry to remove the frosting.


2. Continue slicing perpendicular cuts down the same side of the cake, making them as thick or thin as needed, depending on how many guests you’re serving. When you finish cutting that side of the cake, it’s time to start slicing the other half! Follow the same instructions as before. You’ll end up with two more “heel” end slices for the frosting lovers.

You’ve now cut a Layer Cake like a pro

Eat your cake and enjoy!


Layer Cakes are perfect for any occasion

Now that you know how to cut a Layer Cake like a pro, why not start practicing? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion coming up, a gourmet cake is sure to make the event that much more memorable. We Take The Cake’s signature Layer Cakes are as equally delicious as they are beautiful, which will wow your guests and keep them coming back for seconds! With a variety of unique flavors to choose from, there’s a little something sweet for everyone to enjoy.

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