Where do you ship your cakes?
How do you ship your cakes?
What if I need to cancel my order?
Why do cakes cost so much to ship?
Can you overnight ship?
What is the shelf life of the cake?
Can any cake be branded or customized?
How much extra will that cost?
What makes your cake unique?
Do you use a mix?
How long will it take, once I place my order, for the cake to arrive?
Does someone have to be available to accept delivery?
Do you offer custom cakes?
What are my icing choices?
Do you offer cakes for restricted diets (fat-free, sugar-free, wheat-free)?
How many people do your cakes feed?
How much do your cakes cost?
What methods of payment are accepted?
Are there restrictions to using discount or coupon codes on the site?
I have a large order and need to ship to multiple addresses. What is the easiest way to do this?
Do you offer corporate discounts?
Can you deliver to a P.O. Box?

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