Top 5 Desserts to Gift Dad This Father’s Day

The most delicious Father’s Day gift guide of 2023!

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a difficult task. Sometimes we have no idea what to get and often find ourselves waiting until the last minute to grab whatever generic gift is sitting on the shelf.

If you want to make Dad’s day extra special this year without having to scour every store and website for the perfect present, look no further! At We Take The Cake, we believe cake can be a memorable and refreshing gift for any special occasion. Here are our top 5 Father’s Day gift ideas that will wow any dad out there!

1) Father’s Day Layer Cake


Our Father’s Day Layer Cake got a complete redesign this year, making it an even more unique gift than ever! Beyond its stunning new exterior, the inside of this cake might just be the star of the show. A twist on the classic Old-Fashioned Cocktail, layers of our prize-winning chocolate cake and creamy chocolate bourbon cheesecake come together to create the ultimate dessert experience. Whether Dad is a chocolate lover, cheesecake connoisseur, bourbon enthusiast, or all of the above, this will be a Father’s Day gift he’ll never forget!

2) Brownie Layer Cheesecake


If dad isn’t a bourbon drinker, prefers less icing on his cake, or just really loves brownies, our Brownie Layer Cheesecake is an excellent alternative to our Father’s Day Layer Cake and is just as pleasing! With a fudgy brownie base, the cake is stacked with layers of creamy cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and our prize-winning chocolate cake. It’s a fantastic gift for a dad who likes variety!

3) Prize-Winning Chocolate Layer Cake


You can’t go wrong with a chocolate cake for any occasion, but we can’t think of a better classic cake to gift Dad than our Prize-Winning Chocolate Layer Cake! While it’s plain and simple on paper, the luxurious combination of rich chocolate cake, chocolate cream cheese frosting, and chocolate ganache has earned it the merit of Best Mail Order Cake by InStyle Magazine! If you want to give Dad “the best” Father’s Day gift, this is the cake for him!

4) Triple Chocolate Chip Fudge Bundt Cake


Our Triple Chocolate Chip Fudge is a great option for those wanting to gift our prize-winning chocolate cake on a tighter budget! The same signature chocolate cake we use in our layer cakes serves as the foundation of this Bundt cake, filled with semi-sweet dark chocolate chips and topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting. It’s the tastiest gift for a chocolate-loving dad!

5) Peanut Butter Cup Layer Cake


Last but certainly not least, our Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Layer Cake is essential for dads who are fans of that classic chocolate and peanut butter duo! Light peanut butter buttercream is sandwiched between layers of our prize-winning chocolate cake, then topped with chocolate cream cheese dollops and peanut butter cups. You can’t go wrong with a Father’s Day gift as satisfying as this!

In conclusion: cake makes an unforgettable gift

When it comes to finding the perfect Father’s Day gift, a gourmet cake is always a memorable and hassle-free option! We hope our cakes will make this special day that much more special, whichever one you choose. If you are looking for something else to gift Dad, we offer a variety of other cake flavors and desserts that will impress him just the same! Shop our collection of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. We Take The Cake delivers cake right to your door with 2-day shipping nationwide.

Need something more customized or have questions for our team? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you out!