Your Guide to Creating a Festive Holiday Dessert Table

Designing your holiday dessert table doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can make or break your holiday party. Whether you’re going for elegant or merry and bright, these tips will help you create something that gets your guests talking and coming back for more!

To make the perfect holiday dessert table:


Focus on the sweets and make them your centerpiece!

Any of our various layer cakes, Bundt cakes, and cupcakes can be displayed as the centerpiece on your dessert table. And we have the perfect ideas for your holiday parties and dinners!

1) Start with your favorite cake:

  • Rudolph Layer Cake
  • Holiday Rose Layer Cake
  • Snowflake Layer Cake
  • Holiday Red Velvet Bundt
  • Holiday Bouquet Cupcakes


2) Make your selection your focal point and place it in the middle of your table


Build your dessert table around your focal point

Displaying your favorite sweets is easy by starting in the middle and layering out to the edges of the table. You can create your holiday dessert table based on the color of the cake or by a theme. Whatever you choose, these cakes and cupcakes will be sure to catch the eye of every guest walking through your door! Now let’s build around our focal point.

  • If you chose a Layered or Bundt cake, add in the perfect grab and go treat with our assortment of holiday bouquet cupcakes!
  • Place the assortment of four Chocolate and four Golden Butter Vanilla frosted buttercream roses throughout the table.
  • PRO TIP: Layer the cupcakes with a decorative cake display stand.
  • Take your holiday dessert table to the next level by using leftover Christmas ornaments to sprinkle throughout the table to fill the gaps.


One cake just isn’t enough–try adding another (or two!)

If you’re like me, you can’t just pick one! To display multiple cakes start with an eye catching cake in the middle. The Rudolph Layer Cake is taller and makes the perfect centerpiece for your dessert table.

  • Place the Rudolph Layer Cake in the middle of your table.
  • Next, choose our elegant Snowflake Layer Cake and place it on either side of your centerpiece. Be sure to leave some space between the two cakes (you’ll need it for later).
  • Add some color with our Holiday Red Velvet Bundt on the opposite side of the Snowflake Layer Cake. Again, be sure to leave some space from the centerpiece.
  • Fill in the gaps with our Holiday Bouquet Cupcakes.
  • PRO TIP: Use seasonal florals or Christmas decorations to elevate your holiday dessert table to the next level!


If you’ve purchased multiple We Take the Cake items, it’s not possible for your dessert table to look cluttered. In fact, your guests will enjoy the variety of treats they’ll have to choose from. Just make sure you leave enough room for the plates!


Add layers and height to your dessert table

Don’t let your holiday dessert table look flat. Layers and height can be added!

  • Use cake display stands to place cupcakes or decorations on, instead of a cake.
  • Gift wrapped boxes make for great substitutes, instead of display stands.
  • Add festive garland, Christmas decorations and ornaments to your table to fill out the unwanted space.
  • Sprinkle in battery powered lights to add some magic to your holiday dessert table.


Dig in

Hooray! You’ve made it to our favorite part! Enjoying the finished product. Your holiday dessert table will have your family and guests wanting your crafty work at their next holiday party!

At We Take the Cake, we take pride in going the extra mile to deliver an experience, not just a cake. Our holiday cakes and cupcakes are no exception! Whether you craft a festive dessert table or serve your cake on its own, our stunning treats will make a statement at your next holiday gathering. And if you’re looking for something more personal but just as memorable, contact us to learn about our custom orders!